Below are three wedding invitation packages to begin your design process. You are not limited to these packages, but they will give you a general idea of what type of pricing to expect. LullaBelle Design is unique in that we do not charge you for things you may not need or want, and we price by invitation instead of a standard flat rate. All packages come with two custom designed suites for you to pick from and your choice of envelope color.

The Bare Necessities Package – Perfect for the bride who is looking for ultimate simplicity and elegance

The Essential Package – Perfect for the bride who wants a little extra pizazz and information for her guests

The Opulent Package – Perfect for the bride who wants ultimate glitz and glamour

Package Add Ons – Additional package add ons including belly bands, envelope liners, custom monograms, assembly and envelope addressing

Don’t see something you want in any of these packages? Contact us at and we’ll work together to create the suite of your dreams!