Best Wedding Registries

I remember when hubby and I got engaged. We decided we wanted a shorter, relatively speaking, engagement. So everything moved kind of fast. Within a week, we had the big stuff planned: date, venue, church, colors. Part of this, too, was the fact that someone was having another knee surgery and would be on crutches for 6+ weeks. An advantage to this time was being able to put together our registry essentials online.

Being the “list” person that I am, I pulled at least three different checklists for registry must-haves. Each one had items I knew we would never need or use, and I think both of us got overwhelmed with the entire process. I would definitely suggest “shopping” different stores for their registry perks.

Target has some really nice features for wedding registries. First of all, they are a national chain, so non-local guests can still go into a store and get your wedding or shower gift. Secondly, the return process is amazing. If you got doubles of something you put on your list, but didn’t get a gift receipt (it happens more often than not), you can return it to a Target store. For up to a year after the wedding. Also, for the gifts you add to the registry that aren’t purchased, you’ll get a 15% discount after the wedding. So go ahead. Add that set of 700 count bed sheets. Even if no one buys them for you, you’ll get them at a discount after the Big Day.

Amazon is another great place to house your wedding registry. They’re the largest online retailer, so you can find a lot of brands in one spot. Almost all of your wedding guests will feel comfortable purchasing online through Amazon. They also have a completion discount – 20% for Prime Members, 10% for non-Prime.

Bed Bath & Beyond was one of our registries. I loved that people could use coupons to get gifts. Because in case you didn’t know, BBB is really good with coupons. Sign up for their e-mails, and you’ll get 20% off right away. And if you don’t have a coupon, they’re pretty easy to find online. Pro tip: you can use BuyBuy Baby coupons at Bed Bath & Beyond and vice versa.. you know, for later in life… BBB also hosts a “Rock Your Registry” event where you can meet with a registry expert over food and drinks. You’ll also get a fun little tote bag. Win.

Crate and Barrel was another one of our registries. There’s a Private Registry Event here too. You’ll get a personalized tour of the store and walk away with a freebie. And who doesn’t love free stuff?? Plus, I really like their categories. They have items broken down into price brackets. After your Big Day, you’ll get a 10% reusable coupon that’s good for 6 months.

Macy’s has an interesting program that could be a huge draw for Macy’s Card Holders. For every eligible purchase you make, you’ll get 10% cash back. For every eligible gift you recieve off your registry, you’ll get 5% back. They also have events with appetizers and champagne. Everything’s better with champagne.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list. Just a review and outline of the most popular ones. Almost every store has some type of wedding registry available to you if you want to create one. Remember when you’re registering for gifts, have gifts in each price bracket. You don’t want to have all high-end products. At the same time, you certainly don’t want to limit yourself to only gifts under $50. Many people (especially family members) will go in on a larger gift together.

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