Easy DIY Save the Dates

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We’re in the middle of engagement season with all the pre-holiday engagements and Valentine’s Day engagements coming up soon. If you’re a newly engaged couple and looking for an easy, but elegant save the date DIY, I’ve got just the thing for you. I’m really into the vellum papers right now. I think they add a layer (literally) of elegance to any design. What I like about this design is that it’s 100% customizable to your style. You can print any picture, like all those fabulous engagement photos you just took, or maybe if you’re super artistic, a hand sketch of your wedding venue. The possibilities are endless.

Ready to dive in?

What you’ll need

  • 5×7 photograph (or the size you want your save the date to be) printed on heavy cardstock or photo paper.
  • Vellum Paper – this is a sheer type of paper that will allow your photograph to be seen in the background while also making your text legible. There are tons of different styles of vellum paper as well.
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    • Pro Tip: If you want to add a little texture to your design, there’s papers that make it look more like parchment, or woodgrain, or lace. Like I said, the possibilities truly are endless
  • Paper Cutter – This makes your edges super straight and will make your final product look professional.
  • Brads – I bought these because I liked the variety of the different metals and they came in a pack of 100, which should cover a big portion of your save the dates for a good price
  • Needle or another sharp object to create a hole for your brad
    • NOTE: I do NOT suggest using a hole punch as the hole will be way too big for your brad and will not be secure.
  • Optional – Brad Setter
    • This isn’t necessary, especially if you have a small amount of save the dates to do, but I found it very handy when dealing with a larger number. It makes the whole process go much smoother, and the hole for your brads are the perfect size. Plus, this one comes with great instructions
  1. First I started with a picture in 5×7 format. I love this particular photograph and I think that the horizontal layout really lends itself to the text on the vellum.
  2. Next, I designed the information I wanted to print on the vellum to a 5×7 format. This can be easily done in Word, but know that Word will give you a margin when printing; if you want a design that goes right to the edges, you’ll have to use another program.
    1. Information to put on your vellum – the basics: who, when, where
  3. Once I printed the design on the vellum, I lined it on top of my 5×7 photograph. Then I used this very fancy magic tool called a brad setter that created a hole right through both layers of paper. If you don’t have a brad setter or don’t want to use one, a needle or even a paperclip will work.
    1. Should you choose to go this route, I suggest to “punch” the hole on the photograph/cardstock first, and then line the vellum on top of the photo to create the hole.
  4. Insert your brad and secure the flaps on the back.
  5. Mail your save the dates and check another item off your never-ending to-do list!

Your guests can easily move the vellum to look at the picture, but everything stays together! Win-win in my book.

Are you planning to DIY your save the dates? Let me know in the comments!

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