Create Your Own Vision Board

2018! Does anyone else feel like 2017 flew by? I’m sure the addition of a little one to our lives helped to speed up the process.

Now that the holidays are over, everyone seems to be focusing on lifestyle changes for 2018. I find myself drawn to the “goal setting” versus “New Year’s Resolutions”. Goals just seem more permanent. A big trend I’ve been noticing is the Vision Board. This is a layout that sets up goals in certain categories of your life such as family, career, spiritual, and personal growth. Do you need a vision board? I won’t say that yes, you absolutely need a vision board to be successful. That being said, if you write down your goals and put them in a place that you’ll view them often, you’re more likely to achieve those goals. I promise. There’s studies on it.

I’ve just started working on mine (behind the curve a little bit, I know). But if you’re like me and you’re also a couple days behind, have no fear! In this post, I am including downloadable files for you to start your own vision board. The colors are based on the Behr 2018 Color Trends, mostly because I’m not a huge fan of the Pantone 2018 Color.

The major components of a Vision Board:

  • Goals – separate your goals into categories. This way you won’t have a running list of 50 goals. That would be overwhelming to look at and might detract you from focusing on them. Pick 2-3 goals per category.
  • Focus Word – pick a word to focus on for the year. For example, if you’re someone who struggles with not having enough hours in the day to get everything done, your focus word could be “time-management” or “prioritizing” or “consistency”.
  • Inspirational Quotes – this isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s always nice to have a little confidence booster next to your goals.

You can add as little or as much as you want, but the goal is to make it something you want to look at on a daily basis. I’ve created printable goal sheets for you to get you started. All you’ll have to do is download the Vision Board Goal Sheets, unzip them, and print. Easy, right?

You’ve got this! Set goals that are achievable and quantifiable. Set goals that make you nervous. Set goals that push your limits.

What are we up to?